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Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens – Writer's Bloc Blog

Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens

Find the answers to all of your fountain pen, ink and paper related questions on the Writer’s Bloc blog:

Shopping Guide:
Why use a fountain pen?
Best Beginner Fountain Pens
What essentials do I need with my first fountain pen?
What size of nib should I get on my first fountain pen?
Do I need a left-handed nib on my fountain pen if I’m a left-handed writer?
Our best selling fountain pen for less than $30.00
Is it really cheaper to use bottled fountain pen ink?
What kind of bottled fountain pen ink should I buy?
What kind of paper works best with fountain pens?

Getting Started:
Getting started with your new fountain pen
How do I attach a fountain pen ink cartridge?
One easy trick to keep short standard universal cartridges securely in place
How to use a converter and bottled ink with your fountain pen
How to fill a fountain pen that uses a piston converter
Caring For Your Aurora Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen Maintenance:
Simple fountain pen cleaning in less than 60 seconds
How to Flush a Fountain Pen using a Monteverde Mini Converter
How to replace a steel nib on a LAMY fountain pen – Method 1
How to change the nib on a LAMY fountain pen – Method 2

Fountain Pen Vocabulary:
What is a fountain pen converter?
What is a fountain pen feed?

10 Tips to improve ink flow in a dry-writing fountain pen
What is the equation for the perfect combination of writing tools?

Is it safe to take a fountain pen on an airplane flight?
What is Nib Creep?

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