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Everyone Loves a LAMY Green Puppy! – Writer's Bloc Blog

Everyone Loves a LAMY Green Puppy!

It’s been a stormy winter, great for staying indoors and playing with fountain pen ink. With spring just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the color green. I filled my Green Safari fountain pen with LAMY Green fountain pen ink to sketch a picture on a Clairefontaine sketchpad of a friend’s new puppy .

As a left-handed writer I appreciate that this green LAMY fountain pen ink dries quickly so I don’t smudge it very often. It’s safe to use in any fountain pen and easy to clean up so it’s great for beginners. I would describe this ink color to be a cool shade of medium green.

LAMY fountain pen ink bottles have an ingenious and practical design. There’s a small nib-sized basin in the bottom center of the bottle that collects ink so that you can fill a fountain pen even when the bottle is getting close to empty. There’s also a tiny roll of blotter tape that you can pull out of the bottom of the bottle that can be used to clean a nib after filling, or to blot your writing.

LAMY Fountain Pen Ink - Green
LAMY Green Fountain Pen Ink

The ink bottle is heavy and wide so it doesn’t tip over easily. LAMY green fountain pen ink is also available in the form of cartridge refills that fit LAMY fountain pens.

What green fountain pen inks will you choose for your fountain pen this spring?

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